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TRAJECTÓRIAS COMPETITIVAS | Trajectórias Competitivas na Indústria Portuguesa – Factores, Infra-estruturas e Comportamentos Empresariais

Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho
Palavras-Chave: Trajectórias Competitivas; Indústria Portuguesa

Coordenador(a): Isabel Salavisa

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Luisa Oliveira, Manuel Mira Godinho, José Almeida da Silva, Cristina Sousa, Teresa Calapez, Helena Carvalho, Ana Saint-Maurice, Sandra Pereira.

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Entidade Financiadora: AIP

Data de Início: 2006  Data de Finalização: 2008

This study seeks to study not only competitiveness but also the factors contributing to it, as well as the role of advanced infra-structures (technological, teaching-training, and statistical data) and the influence of different entrepreneurs’ profiles and behaviours. While keeping sight that the company is the basic unit, endowed with a plurality of technological, physical, international and human resources, we also believe that its environment is extremely important. This environment includes agents, infra-structures and relationships. It is the wealth and diversity of this set that enables the company to improve its competitive ability, to evolve technological and organizational-wise, to grow and even to innovate.