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The collective bargaining and representativeness of temporary workers in Europe. Development and reinforcement of Industrial Relations Systems in response to changes in the European labour market

 Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho


CESOS, Italy | DINÂMIA'CET-IUL: Paulo Marques Alves


Paulo Marques Alves, Maria da Paz Campos Lima, Lídia Ferreira

Outros Membros:


University of Milan,QUIT(Sociological Research Centre on Everyday Life and Work) – Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, CCMFederation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, DINAMIA’CET-IUL,Europa Universitat Viadrina – Frankfurt (ODER)

Entidade Financiadora:

European Commission

Data de Início: December 2014 Data de Finalização: May 2015

Project Goals

The project aims to develop and reinforce the European industrial relations systems through their adaptation to changes in the employment and work scenario. Furthermore, the project aims to involve the European Industrial Relation Systems in a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe, and, in particular, through the involvement of those groups of workers – often youth workers - which feel they are not represented by any form of collective bargaining or any system of social/collective protection. Then, the project aims to disseminate knowledge regarding the representativeness and the collective bargaining of temporary workers, which, very often, are not clear even to the workers themselves.


• Analysis – based on a shared grid - of the systems of representativeness and collective bargaining for temporary workers in the countries involved in the project;
• Field research: a national focus group (5-6 participants maximum) with representatives of social partners and experts in industrial relations in each of the countries involved in the project to explore the role of collective bargaining for temporary workers and their;
• Exchange seminar to evaluate the desk and field research findings in order to identify best practices and, possibly, shared guidelines;

Elaboration of an overview report regarding best practices and common guidelines for the representativeness and industrial relations


Reports, Best Practices Guide, Seminars