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SNI | Mudança Tecnológica, Sistema Nacional de Inovação e Recursos Humanos Chave

Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho
Palavras-Chave: Mudança tecnológica; Sistema Nacional de Inovação; Recursos Humanos.

Coordenador(a): Maria João Rodrigues


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Data de Início: 1994  Data de Finalização: 1996

This project seeks to test and specify two fundamental hypothesis: 1) Possible trajectories of technological change in Portugal depend on the configuration and evolution of the national system of innovation, i.e., the joint effects of the research and development (R&D) system, the teaching/training system, the financial system, the internal organization of companies and the cooperation/competition relationships they entail; 2) The fulfilment of these technological change trajectories and the reinforcement of the national system of innovation depend upon the production and dissemination of certain key human resources, whose content we should make clear.