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HUMAN FACE | Qualitative study on coping strategies in the Crisis: How do Portuguese citizens cope with economic shock?

 Governação, Economia e Sociedade
Palavras-Chave: Estratégias face à crise; Choque económico; Comissão Europeia; Portugal

Coordenador(a): Isabel Guerra

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Fátima Suleman; Teresa Amor

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Entidade Financiadora: European Commission – Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG

Data de Início: 08/2013  Data de Finalização: 11/2013

Project goals:This project aims to investigate into detail the living conditions of individuals hit by the crisis and to understand with their cooperation how they coped with the economic shock they experienced or are still experiencing.Methodology: The work will identify:

- The more recent studies in Portugal about this subject;

- A brief characterization of the phenomena of unemployment in the recent 5 years;

- A Identification of the interviewees on the basis of the criteria provided by the Coordinator as laid out in the methodological framework for the interviews;

- The realisations of 15 the face-to-face interviews to understand how people have been impacted by the crisis with the guidelines provided by the Coordinator;

- A word transcription of the interviews in the original language and in English; - Analyze and summarize the main findings of the interview elaborating a report.

Outputs: Relatório de projecto