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ENVIRONMENT 2013 | Strategic evaluation on Environment and Risk Prevention under Structural and Cohesion Funds for the period 2007-2013

Governação, Economia e Sociedade
Palavras-Chave: Ambiente; avaliação de risco; prevenção de risco

Coordenador(a): Catarina Roseta Palma

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Henrique Monteiro; Mónica Meireles; Gustavo Sugahara

Outros Membros:

Parcerias: GHK Consulting

Entidade Financiadora:

Data de Início: 05/2005  Data de Finalização: 12/2006

Sinopse:Provision of an overview of Member State needs, by field, and a summary of the progress made, including recent investment, new economic instruments and institutional changes, based on a review of the existing information.


The overview should provide a position statement on:

- Current deficits in provision already identified (fields 1, 2, 3)

- Current energy use, RE provision and RE potentials (field 4)

- Existing risk assessments covering natural risks (flood, fire, drought) (field 5)