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EMPRESA QUALIFICANTE | As Modalidades de “Empresa que Aprende” e de “Empresa Qualificante”

Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho
Palavras-Chave: Empresa que Aprende; Empresa Qualificante; Competências

Coordenador(a): Helena Lopes

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Natália Alves, Paulo Alves, Alexandra Fernandes, Isabel Nicolau, Cristina Parente, Luisa Veloso

Outros Membros:


Entidade Financiadora: IEFP

Data de Início: 07/1997  Data de Finalização: 05/1998

This study departs is based on the following goals: to characterize the historic evolution of the system and practices of vocational training in Portugal; to characterize the historical evolution of dominante organizational models in Portuguese companies; to theoretically and methodologically frame qualifying and learning companies; to weigh international experiences; based on case studies, to identify and characterize best practices; to analyze how companies are benefitting from the articulation between available vocational training methods; to evaluate socioeconomic costs and benefits of organizational change; to link product, process and organizational innovation; to determine whether there is room for organizational “leaps”; to propose measures and guidelines for Portugal, specifically in terms od social experiments associated to productive and/or organizational restructuring, seeking and promoting best practices; to disseminate information through seminar(s) and publication.