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EurWORK – European Observatory of Working Life

Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho
Palavras-Chave:Coordenador(a): Heloisa Perista (CESIS)

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Reinhard Naumman

Outros Membros: n.a

Parcerias:CESIS - Lisbon

Entidade Financiadora: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and working conditions – tender with academic selection panel

Data de Início: 1/3/2014  Data de Finalização: 1/2/2018

This service includes the provision of a variety of information products covering the three areas of quality of work and employment, industrial relations and restructuring.This project includes the following tasks:

  • reporting on relevant developments in the areas of Industrial Relations and Quality of Work and Employment through information updates
  • ERM restructuring records
  • Survey data reports relating to Quality of work and employment
  • Input to comparative analytical reports and thematic studies
  • Advice on communication opportunities.