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CASTELO BRANCO | Estudo da Zona Industrial de Castelo Branco

Inovação, Conhecimento e Trabalho
Palavras-Chave: Desenvolvimento regional; Industrialização; Gestão dos Recursos Humanos; Mudança Socioeconómica; Castelo Branco.

Coordenador(a): António Oliveira das Neves

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: João Ferrão, Maria João Rodrigues, Rui Azevedo, Paulo Pedroso, Isabel Nicolau, Maria da Paz C. Lima, João Carlos Neves.

Outros Membros:


Entidade Financiadora: Secretaria de Estado do Planeamento e do Desenvolvimento Regional

Data de Início: 1990  Data de Finalização: 1992

This projects aims at analysing recent trends in: i)  regional development, change factors, cooperation mechanisms among and between regions in terms of companies and institutions; ii) recent industrialization within the municipality of Castelo Branco – especially its Industrial District – in order to determine the evolution of the industrialization pattern and its key players (local, regional, national and foreign); iii) analysis of sustainability conditions of settled industrial activities, particularly the long-run evolution of national and international demand, emerging entrepreneurial strategies and the European internal market competition framework; iv) analysis of current mechanisms and practices in terms of human resource allocation and use by companies; v) analysis of the education and vocational training system’s responsiveness to the demand for qualified human resources (namely, the extent to which educational and vocational training supply is used by the youth, active population and companies); vi) synthesis of socioeconomic change dynamics, on a regional development level, regarding of new investments and renewal of the business fabric, as well as in terms of employment and human resource management qualification.