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BEHAVE | A behavioral approach to consumer credit decision-making

 Governação, Economia e Sociedade
Palavras-Chave: Tomada de decisão no crédito ao consumo; análise comportamental; políticas de protecção ao consumidor

Coordenador(a): Ana Cristina Santos (CES-Coimbra)

Equipa DINÂMIA’CET-IUL: Ana Costa

Outros Membros: Catarina Frade; Cláudia Lopes; Fernanda Jesus; José Castro Caldas e José Miguel Pereira

Parcerias: Instituição proponente - CES-Coimbra

Entidade Financiadora: FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Data de Início: 03/2011  Data de Finalização: 08/2014

Project goals:The four main goals of this project are: 1) To investigate the heuristics and the cognitive biases that affect consumer credit decision-making, when accessing and appraising information and choosing. Indeed, people may fail obtaining relevant information due to inertia, or they may not process it accurately due to calculative inability, framing effects, myopia, over-confidence, or they may fail to act on this information due to lack of selfcontrol. 2) To investigate the extent to which sellers’ marketing strategies manipulate heuristics and exploit consumer cognitive biases. 3) To investigate the extent to which consumer protection policy adequately addresses the identified biases and their exploitation by firms. 4) To recommend policy proposals that better address the complexity of consumer credit decision-making.Methodology: In order to successfully accomplish the project’s goals we will mobilize extant psychology and economics research on heuristics and biases, as well as official reports, public opinion surveys, and other studies that provide evidence on behavioral traits of consumers regarding credit decision-making. We will moreover conduct interviews and carry out carefully designed questionnaires and experiments in order to identify relevant heuristics and biases to consumer credit.
Outputs:1- book15 papers (5 int.; 9 national)

15 - presentations at scientific meetings

3 - Organization of scientific events

1 - Phd thesis

6- reports