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ISCTE-IUL 2016Lista de Investigadores DINÂMIA’CET-IUL premiados

Ordem alfabética | 1º autor



Ana Rita Cruz

Pinto, H., Cruz, A. R. & Combe, C. (2015). Cooperation and the emergence of maritime clusters in the Atlantic: Analysis and implications of innovation and human capital for blue growth. Marine Policy 57, 167-­‐177.


Andrea Pavoni

Pavoni, A. (2015). Resistant Legacies. Annals of Leisure Research. 18 (4), 470-­‐490.


Fátima Suleman

Suleman, F. (2015). The employment relationship in an (almost) structureless labour market: the case of domestic work. Cambridge, Journal of Economics. 39 (3), 733-­‐750.


Francesca Sgobbi | Fátima Suleman

Sgobbi, F. & Suleman, F. (2015). The value of transferable skills. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 62 (4), 378-­‐399.


Francesca Sgobbi

Sgobbi, F. & Cainarca, G.C. (2015). High-­‐Performance Work Practices and Core Employee Wages. Evidence from Italian Manufacturing Plants. ILR Review 68 (2), 426-­‐456.


Helena Lopes

Lopes, H., Calapez, T. & Lopes, D. (in press). The determinants of work autonomy and employee involvement – A multi-­‐level analysis. Economic and Industrial Democracy.


Margarida Fontes | Cristina de Sousa

Capaldo, G., Fontes, M., Cannavacciuolo, L., Rippa, P. & Sousa, C. (2015). Networks mobilized to access key resources at early stages of biotech firms: a comparative analysis in two moderately innovative countries. European Planning Studies 23 (7), 1381-­‐1400.


Marta Entradas

Entradas, M. (in press). What is the public’s role in ‘space’ policymaking? Images of the public by practitioners of ‘space’ communication in the United Kingdom. Public Understanding of Science.


Nuno Bento | Margarida Fontes

Bento, N. & Fontes, M. (2016). The capacity for adopting energy innovations in Portugal: historical evidence and perspectives for the future. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. NA (NA).

Bento, N. & Fontes, M. (2015). The construction of a new technological innovation system in a follower country: wind energy in Portugal. Technological Forecasting & Social Change. 99, 197-­‐210

Bento, N. & Fontes, M. (2015). Spatial diffusion and the formation of a technological innovation system in the receiving country: the case of wind energy in Portugal. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 15, 158-­‐179.


Paulo Tormenta Pinto | Rogério Vieira de Almeida

Pinto, P. T. & Almeida, R. (2015). Territorial development in the Cape Verde archipelago under the Estado Novo dictatorship (1953 –1974). Planning Perspectives 30 (4), 597-­‐623.


Pedro Costa | Ricardo Lopes

Costa, P. & Lopes, R. (2015). Urban design, public space and the dynamics of creative milieux: a photographic approach to Bairro Alto (Lisbon), Gràcia (Barcelona) and Vila Madalena (São Paulo). Journal of Urban Design 20 (1), 28-­‐51.


Raul Lopes

Nunes, S. & Lopes, R. (2015). Firm performance, innovation modes and territorial embeddedness. European Planning Studies 23 (9), 1796-­‐1826.


Stefania Stellacci

Stellacci, S, Nicola Ruggieri & Rato, V. (2015). Gaiola vs Borbone System: A Comparison between 18th C Anti-­‐Seismic Case Studies. International Journal of Architectural Heritage. online (online).