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No próximo dia 11 de Dezembro irá decorrer no Auditório Mário Murteira uma conferência proferida pela Assistente de Investigação Convidada, Kitti Baracsi intitulada: 25 years after: Roma integration in the post-socialist Hungary.

A conferência terá início às 18h00 e a entrada será livre.

Este evento é organizado pelo DINÂMIA’CET-IUL em colaboração com o Mestrado em Economia Social e Solidária.

Kitti Baracsi (PhD student, Education and Society Doctoral School, University of Pécs, Hungary)

25 years after: Roma integration in the post-socialist Hungary

The lecture aims to give an insight into the question of Roma integration in Hungary during the last 25 years. As an introduction, it provides a brief overview of the history of Roma groups in Hungary and some important interventions before and during the state-socialism and their legacies. The analysis of the economic and social dynamics after the transition and the current situation is based on quantitative research results and focus mainly on employment, but also provides a more detailed picture through the examples of regional and local cases. Based on these data, it analyses the policies that affected Roma integration since the democratic transition, including the impact of EU policies (and funds), covering the questions of policies targeting Roma, poverty or regional development. The presentation reflects on the recent dynamics — both on conflicts and examples of peaceful cohabitation — and the processes behind them.