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Call for Abstracts


KINE[SIS]TEM ’17 – From Nature to Architectural Matter

June 19th-20th 2017, Lisbon, Portugal


KINE[SIS]TEM ’17 – From Nature to Architectural Matter will be held in Lisbon in 2017 with the theme From Nature to Architectural Matter.

Kine[SiS]tem – From Kinesis + System. Kinesis is a non-linear movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus. A system is a set of interacting and interdependent agents forming a complex whole, delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, influenced by its environment.

How can architectural systems moderate the external environment to enhance comfort conditions in a simple, sustainable and smart way? This is the starting question for the Kine[SiS]tem’17 – From Nature to Architectural Matter International Conference. For decades, architectural design was developed despite (and not with) the climate, based on mechanical heating and cooling. Today, the argument for net zero energy buildings needs very effective strategies to reduce energy requirements. The challenge ahead requires design processes that are built upon consolidated knowledge, make use of advanced technologies and are inspired by nature.

We invite you to submit and present an original contribution for Kine[SIS]tem’17. All submissions are peer-reviewed and considered for selection by the Scientific Committee. All accepted full papers will be published.  Please observe the submission types and deadlines on the website.

Areas of Interest

• Nature fundamentals and geometry

• Biomimicry and biodigital architecture

• Parametric design, computational modeling and simulation

• Performance-based sustainable design

• Performative and responsive systems

• Digital fabrication



Importante Dates

Call for extended abstracts announcement December 16th 2016

Call for extended abstracts closure February 12th 2017

Abstract Acceptance Notification March 6th 2017

Full paper deadline May 2nd 2017

Conferences June 19th-20th 2017

Summer School June 19th-30th 2017

Contact: kinesistem17@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinesistem17/?fref=ts