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Call for Papers

EXTENDED DEADLINE Call for Proposals: February 21, 2017 > download PDF here]

Due to recent requests, we will conduct an “early review” of submissions received by January 10th from applicants located outside Europe to allow more time for travel arrangements.
This conference aims to:

· Bring together leading creative tourism researchers with creative tourism networks and practitioners to outline “the state of the art” – the main lines of research and key issues in both the research and practice of creative tourism. What is the state of the art within creative tourism research and practice? What are the leading trends and contextualizing influences today? What are the key questions and issues to be addressed going forward?

· Inform the development of a creative tourism network – CREATOUR – focusing on small cities and rural areas within the Norte, Centro, Alentejo and Algarve regions of Portugal. We are eager to learn from creative tourism efforts internationally that can advise the network’s development and the array of creative tourism practices to be conducted by the pilot initiatives within CREATOUR.
Call for papers and proposals

We invite academics, artists, creative tourism practitioners, students, and others working in tourism and cultural development to propose paper/project presentations, thematic panel sessions, or workshops, addressing any of the following themes:

· Leading trends and contextualizing influences in creative tourism today

· Creative tourism in non-metropolitan areas

· Creative tourism experience producers in small cities and rural areas

· Local policies and citizens’ perspectives/involvement in creative tourism development

· Evaluation of impacts of creative tourism experiences

· Creative tourism, co-creation of knowledge, and specificity of place

· Approaches to co-constructing creative experiences with visitors

· Relationships between creative tourism and holistic local development

· Creative tourism and rural development

· Creative tourism and social inclusion

· Creative tourism and cross-cultural exchange

· Creative tourism and cultural sustainability

· Creative tourism experiences and authenticity

· Creative tourism as a vehicle to explore cultural landscapes and heritage

· Understanding place through creative activities and expressions

· Linking creative and environmental tourism

· Linking creative and rural tourism

· The use of technologies in creative tourism

· Artists and ’creatives’ on vacation

· The future of creative tourism