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Call for Abstracts

DINÂMIA’CET-IUL will be hosting the International Conference KITAB2014 – Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Across Borders: An Emerging Research Agenda, which will take place on 23-24 June 2014 at ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon.

The KITAB2014 Organizing Committee would like to invite you to join our research work. The conference will explore the following issues (though the list is not exhaustive):

1. Open National Innovation Systems

2. Internationalisation and Regional Innovation Systems

3. The Globalisation of Innovation in different sectorial and geographical settings

4. Dispersed global innovation networks in different sectorial and geographical settings

5. The Institutional dimension in the internationalisation of knowledge, technology and innovation

6. Intellectual property issues and international knowledge flows

7. MNCs and the internationalisation of R & D and innovation

8. SMEs in the internationalisation of innovation

9. Policy issues (regionally, nationally, and transnationally) regarding the internationalisation of knowledge, technology and innovation

10. Internationalisation of Knowledge Transfer between Universities and Enterprises

11. The internationalisation of research, particularly in universities, and knowledge and innovation flows

There is an open call for abstracts until 4 April 2014.

For more information, please visit the KITAB2014 official website.

For a detailed version of the call for abstracts, please download the following PDF document.