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Nome: Andrea Pavoni
Email: andrea.pavoni@iscte.pt

Andrea Pavoni is assistant professor at the International Summer School on Urban Ethnography at the University of Trento, and co-editor at Non Liquet [The Westminster Online Working Papers]. Andrea is mainly interested in exploring the relation between law, space, control and justice in the contemporary city. His research interests include critical legal geography, urban studies, legal theory, sociology, art and philosophy. He completed his PhD at the University of Westminster with a thesis titled Exceptional Tunings: Controlling Urban Events. His current project focuses the mutual relation between urban space and dissensus, looking at how urban space allow for, modify or prevent the expression of dissensus, and how dissensus in turn affect and modify its social and material form.  He recently edited with Andrea Mubi Brighenti the 35° issue of Lo Squaderno, on the ‘Urban Invisibles’.
Geography, Urban  Studies, Social Theory, Legal Theory, Activism, Philosophy
  • [with Sebastiano Citroni] ‘An Ethnographic Approach to the Taking Place of the Event’, in Ian R. Lamond and Louise Platt, Critical Event Studies. Approaches to Research (Palgrave, 2016)
  • ‘Resistant Legacies’, Annals of Leisure Research 18 (4), 2016: 470-490
  • ‘Seeds of Impurity’, lo Squaderno 36, 2015: 31-36
  • ‘Tuning the city: Johannesburg and the 2010 World Cup’, Urbe 2  (3), 2011: 191-209
  • ‘Erasing Space from Places. Brandscapes, Art and the (de)valorisation of the Olympic Space’, lo Squaderno 18, 2010: 9-14
ATMOSPHERES OF DISSENT: Exploring the urban dimension of social protest: a Comparative Study
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